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leaves - Workflows | Dcms Software For Doctors

How to apply leaves and list of leaves in dcms software.

Both Doctor and staff can access leave module from side nav-bar. Once logged in as Staff member needs to click on the Leave module and on this click leave records will open containing three radio buttons named as “Applied, Approved and Declined” it will contain the list of applied,approved and declined leaves. On leave records page user can check three types by clicking on each radio button.

Apply leaves:-

User can also put his request for the leave by clicking on the Apply Leave button which is present on the same page on top right corner of the screen. On the click of this apply leave page will open on which staff needs to enter the details like leave type, start and end date etc. Here user needs to select the type of leave from drop-down and can mention the reason for leave in the description box. User can select the start date and end date from the calendar provided on apply leave page.On clicking the Save button staff member's request will be submitted and an email will be sent to the Staff member who has applied for leave and to the reporting doctor. On clicking the Back button he will be redirected to the dashboard. If user click on the back button then a confirmation pop-up will be shown asking for the confirmation to leave the page.

For Doctor:
Once logged in, Doctor can access leave module from left side nav-bar. On clicking this doctor will be redirected to the leave management page on which he can see the leave requests by the staff(added by him). Doctor can approve or decline the request with the help of “approve” and “decline”button present under action column,once doctor approve or decline a request then a description box will open and doctor can enter the comments as well. Once this will be done, staff member will also receive the email notification for the same.

: Staff member can update the record of the leaves. On leave records page we have Edit Icon under Action column for each record that is stored on our application.If staff member need to Edit any particular record then staff will click on the Edit icon against that record and treatment edit page will open. Here all the fields will have the pre-filled data in it and we can simply click on desired field and can update the record. Here staff member can also activate or deactivate the record with the help of toggle button present on the screen. After entering the data staff member needs to click on Save button. On click of Save button the updated data will be saved with a message”Record updated successfully” and staff member will be redirected to leave records, However if staff member do not wish to save the data then he needs to click on “cancel button” and on clicking this Cancel button a confirmation pop up will be shown with message “Are you sure you want to go back” with “Yes” and “Cancel button” on it. Staff member can click yes if he wish to go back or he can click on cancel if he wish to stay on same page.
: If staff member needs to delete any record then he can delete the record with the help of Delete button present on the leave records page against each record. When clicked on the delete button, a confirmation pop-up will be shown with message “Are you sure you want to delete this” with “yes” and “no” buttons on it. If staff member wants to continue then staff member needs to click the yes button otherwise click on the No button. Once a data will be deleted then it will be moved to Inactive leave records.