A Dental Clinic Management System built to be personal by a professional.

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No Software Installation

Just signup and start using the software in 5 minutes. DCMS software for doctors ensures that you dont need to install any software. Just use your browser to access all functionalities of the software.

Data Safety & Reliability

Desktop based software comes with inherent risk of data loss incase your computer breaks down or hard disk crashes. With cloud based software your data is safely backed-up across multiple geographical location thereby ensuring possible data reliability.

Automated Software Updates

Cloud based software doesnt require you to manullay upgrade your software since it keeps on updating the software. This ensures new features are available without any incremental cost and you dont need an expert to upgrade the software.

Cloud Based, Highest Level Data Security, Get started in 5 minutes

Never loose your clinic data

Device Switching - Always Seamless

Biggest advantage of using cloud based software is that your data is not present on the device but on the cloud. This means that you are never to a partiular computer in order to access the software. You can seamlessly switch devices and data your clinic will always remain in sync no matter which device you choose to access the software. Just login from any device and you are connected to your clinic.

Data Backup & Reliability

We ensure that adequate backups of your data are kept at multiple geographical locations to ensure your health records stay safe incase of any natural disaster. Since we keep backup of your data multiple times in a day at various geographical locations hence you dont need to worry about data loss when your computer stops working. This ensures that you can focus on most important aspect of your clinic i.e patient care and leave everything else for us to manage.

Data Security

At DCMS we are highly commited that your clinic data is never ever shared with anyone and you remain sole owner of your data. Safety and security of your data is part of our DNA at DCMS. We take security of customer's data very seriously and hence all the data request between browser and DCMS servers are encrypted using SHA-256 encryption so that your data is safe from 'man in the middle' attack. We use latest PCI compliant TLS 1.2 protocol for added security.

No More Software Installations, Just Register And Start Using

No more your need to worry about installation of software update or data corruption on your local computer because DCMS will take care of this automatically. You can simply sign with DCMS and start managing your clinic within 5 minutes. Signup and delight your patients with truly next generation cloud based software for doctors.

No High Upfront Cost , Just Pay For What You Use

No more upfront high cost of software, given we are SAAS based software, you only need to pay for what you use. We ensure that our doctors experience the best and most powerful cloud based software at minimal cost. We grow as your practices grows.

Automated Software Updates

DCMS's software is a cloud based software which means that you will automatically get all the software upgrades for free.

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