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Dentists Near Me – How to Find the Best Dentist Around You

Whenever we need a dentist, we simply google “Dentists Near Me”. It is undoubtedly the quickest method to find a dental clinic. However, the closest is not always the best choice. Before you let someone inspect your precious jewels, it is necessary to take a look at the practices adopted by the dental professional you visit. Since 2020, we are understanding the importance of a hygienic lifestyle. But how to decide which dentist is actually following the safety protocols? In this article we explain the factors that will help you decide how to find the best dentist when you search “Dentists Near Me” on Google.

Using Google Maps Instead of Google Search to Find Nearby Dentists

When I try to find good dentists around me, I try to focus more on google maps results instead of google search results. The best thing is that I can actually check how far I need to travel. However, the use of Google maps is not limited to the location of the clinic. Most dentists, who have their clinics listed on Google, also add the pictures of their dental clinic. It is much easier to select a clinic with good hygiene when you have visual feedback to support the claims they make. Moreover, you can also find dentists who have submitted pictures of their cases which makes it even better.

Using Google Reviews for Genuine Opinions

Google reviews offer genuine experiences of the patients from the clinics. Generally, when I am searching for reviews I check the most critical negative reviews. Positive reviews are easy to get by suggesting people but negative reviews show the true colors of a clinic. However, if you feel a review is too inclined towards an opinion, you better skip it. Google reviews can not only help in finding the best clinic nearby but also the most professional one. When you are checking the reviews make sure to check about specific facilities. Like how hygienic they are, how much they sanitize their clinic, do they sanitize instruments, if yes then how often. Questions like these will give you a better chance at understanding the facility. You can also check other reviewing platforms for the feedback of patients in different clinics. 

Finding Best Dentists Around You Using DCMS

Well, google search, google maps, and google reviews are good but what if we could find all the best dental clinics nearby at one single place. DCMS doctor listing is the place where you can find all the best doctors in your area with a single click. Our team spends their precious time in researching the best dentists and clinics with the top level facilities. We bring you lists of the most top-rated dentists in India. All you need to do is select your location and contact the dental clinic directly from our site. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How are best dentists nearby lists created on DCMS?

A: Our team of experts rank the clinic according to the point decided after research of dental clinics in a particular area. We make sure that only the best dental clinics in India make it to the list of DCMS. Our top priorities before selecting a clinic are checking the qualifications and experience, safety standards, modernity of the instruments used, ease of access, and finally price. 

Q: What is the best criteria to choose a dental clinic?

A: Well we all want painless dental treatment dont we? So the top most priority should be checking the experience of the clinic and the facilities they provide. If it is not a modern clinic, you might have to settle with low tech outdated instruments and procedures.

Q: Do I need to pay to use DCMS?

A: No. DCMS is, and will be free forever for patients to search for the best dental clinics nearby.

Q: Do I need an account on the website to search for doctors?

A: Our aim is to make the best services available to everyone. Therefore, our doctor listing service is available directly on our website.

Q: Can I search hospitals on DCMS?

A: If by hospitals, you mean dental clinics, then yes. However, we do not provide the details of hospitals in general. DCMS’s doctor listing service is available for dentists and dental clinics only.

Q: Are you collecting data of users who search on your website?

A: We strongly condemn the data collection techniques and we do not collect any kind of data of users who use our services.

Q: Does DCMS provide solutions for dental problems?

A: DCMS is not a dental care platform. But you can check oral health tips on our blog. Click the link to read the expert advice and articles on maintaining proper oral health.

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