A Dental Clinic Management System built to be personal by a professional.

Powerful Central Billing

Advanced bill receipts tightly integrated with appointment & treatments plan of the patient.

Email/Print Bills & Receipts

Print bills with custom branding of your clinic or go green save paper and simply email. Get ability to customize format of bills & receipts.

Track Pending Payments

Track all pending payments and send instant payment reminder through sms.

Powerful Medical Billing Software

Manage bills, receipts centrally at one place. Advanced bill search and pending payment reminders.

Quick Billing

DCMS software for doctors provides quick billing which is tightly integrated with appointments and treatment plan of the patient. It helps in tracking any appointment against which treatment was completed and subsequently billing was indeed done. You can add a new bill in single interface and also choose treatments/services provided to patient which automatically fetches cost and hence indicative amount to be collected from the patient.It also provides a way to collect partial payments against single bill so that you can create multiple receipts against each payment.

Powerful Central Billing

Advanced bill receipt helps in tracking all the bills and payment collection of the clinic within a single interface. You can track all bills of the clinic by patient-id,treatment-id, patient name, treatments/services, payments and payment status. It shows all the bills in reverse chronological order and also provides advance search to find bill for a given criteria.

Customize Your Treatment/Services & Its Pricing

You can create your treatment catalogue with most frequently treatments/services provided to patients at the clinic along with its cost. This feature ensures that you dont have to fill service cost everytime you create bill and rather lets you select service/treatment while creating bill and automatically fetches its cost thereby reducing time in generating bills. Each doctor gets flexibility to create their own treatment catalogue and customize price of service at the clinic.

Track Payment Status

You can filter bills by fully paid, partially paid & unpaid bills which helps you understand the cost of services provided for which has not been collected yet. Next time patients shows up and pays money against partially paid or unpaid bill then you can easily find such bill and make pending payments to create a new receipt against the bill. There is also a feature to find patients by pending payment amount and send sms reminder for pending payment collection. All this makes tracking payment status and taking required action very seamless.

Automatically Surfaces Unbilled Completed Treatment/Services or Partially Paid Bills

Billing has been tightly integrated with clinic EMR so that it is able to automatically surface unbilled treatment or services of the patients. This feature keeps reminding clinic about the bills that need to be generated for all the treatments which have been complete without billing. Once the bills are generated against such unbilled completed treatments, it automatically starts surfacing bills for which payments has not been completed. This smart surfacing of incomplete transaction at any stage of patient-clinic interaction helps clinic owners ensure that flows are indeed completed and there is minimal probability of missing out on bill generation or payment collection against the bills.

Advanced Bill Search

DCMS provides advanced search on patient bills using which you can search for all the bills of particular patients, bills generated in a date range, bills including treatment by a particular doctor and bills by payment status. You can also search by any combination of these filters to locate bills you are looking for. Billing is tightly integrated with patient search as well which helps you surface all the patients with pending payment and send reminders against them .

Customize Your Branding on Bills/Receipts

You can add customize bills and receipts with your custom branding . You can add your clinic logo along with other clinic details in easy to customize format. This feature ensures all the bills & receipts printed or sent over email have your branding in place. No more you need to bear cost of getting letterhead printed for your clinic.

Print or Email Bills/Receipts

You can take print out of bills & receipts with custom branding and handover to patients or simply choose to send e-Bills/e-Receipts which can be sent to patient from the software itself. e-Bills / e-Receipts will also carry your custom branding in electronic format and patients can choose to print only when required . It helps in reducing carbon footprint and saves money spent on printing bills on paper. Go green !

Track Payments of Multiple Clinics From Central Location

Through the admin module, owners of chain of clinic are able to track bills & collections from all the clinics irrespective of geography by sitting at one central location. This helps keep a check of money collected clinic-wise in a single interface. Owners can see collections by clinic in realtime and also the treatments/services provided against those collections. Managing billing for geographically distributed chain of clinics has never been this easy.

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