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Manage Geographically Distributed Clinics

DCMS seamlessly scales up from single clinic to managing hundreds of clinic situated in same or geographically different locations.

Centralized Monitoring & Auditing

Your clinics might be located in same city or different cities or even countries but you can easily monitor all of them sitting in one central head office. Distributed clinics , central monitoring !

Enterprise Ready

No matter how big your chain of clinic is , our solution fits all . Everything from billing to managing staff at various clinics can be done seamlessly.

We make managing your chain of clinics simple

Monitor all geographically distributed clinics from central location

Scales seamlessly to help you manage hundreds of clinics

DCMS provides all the tools to help you manage multiple clinics centrally. Whether you have more than one clinic in a city or hundreds of clinic in various cities, we are enterprise ready to handle all the workflows required to seemlessly manage all the clinic and monitor all the clinics from central location . Dashboard,clinic management, patient management, staff management, leave management, treatment management, attendance and reports helps you manage and monitor staff, patient records and appointments of all the patients through a unified interface in realtime.

One Integrated Dashboard

With single dashboard view you can manage all the modules with single click. Different modules like patients, clinics, treatments, staffs, leaves and reports. All the clinic activity happening at various clinics can also be tracked using one integrated Dashboard.

Centralized Staff Management

Using staff management module, you can add / remove staff access centrally for all your clinics. You can add/invite doctors, receptionist, front desk etc centrally from this module.

Monitor Bill/Payments Centrally

Central auditor can keep track of all the bills generated at various clinics in realtime. Also payments collected at various clinics can also be tracked centrally. You can keep track of all the bills along with details like clinic name from where bill was generated, date, patient name , treatment provided, amount charged for the treatment and amount collected against each bill. This ensures there is realtime monitoring of treatments, bills & collection at the clinic.

View EMR Centrally

Electronic Medical records of all the patients at various clinics can be centrally checked and accordingly tight quality check on kind of treatment, medicines prescribed can be kept from central location.

Manage Geographically Distributed Chain of Clinics Centrally

All these features clearly indicate how DCMS software seamlessly scales up from single clinic to managing hundreds of clinic situated in same or geographically different locations. Be rest assured that we are indeed enterprise ready to handle any size & requirements .

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