A Dental Clinic Management System built to be personal by a professional.

Detailed Vitals, Treatments, History
Add/Update medical history and all vital health stats of patient with single click. Create, Schedule & Track compleltion of treatments centrally .
Advanced EMR Search
You can find all the interaction between clinic & patient at one central location like past appointments, treatments, bills, payments, medical documents, SMS/Email communication etc.
Track Patient-Clinic Interaction
Smart patient search to find patients records . Quickly filter patient records by patient-name, payment status, appointment status etc.

A great way to manage electronic health records of your patients

No more paper records. Go Paperless !

Maintain Vital Health Stats

With DCMS electronic health records you can easily manage all the vitals of the patients like Allergy, Diet, Blood Group, etc. You can update patient vitals with a single click. You can also keep record of active medication which patient might be undergoing to avoid any possibility of prescribing drugs which can lead to interaction or side effects when taken together .

Create Treatment Plan

You can create treatment plan which can be a group of multiple treatments to be prescribed to a patient. Appointments can be scheduled against treatments which acts as reminder for patients to ensure they undergo complete treatment specially for long running treatments . Doctors at clinic can maintain their customised treatment catalogue along with cost of treatment which helps in automatically creating bills for treatments based on service cost in treatment catalogue. Treatment status for a particular patient can also be tracked and accordingly can be reminded to patients so that get incomplete treatments done as per doctor's advice .

Upload Medical Documents

You can add medical douments related to tests/investigation reports of the patients in formats like files, pdf, excel, medical images etc for a particular patient. Same can be viewed anytime in future. Doctors can either choose to simply view the medical documents inside the software or even download files. Medical documents can also be sent to patients whenever patients requests for any particular medical document.

Manage Prescription

DCMS EMR provides quick prescription writing functionality to help doctors easily write e-prescriptions in digital format. e-Prescriptions can be printed on paper or directly emailed to patients. Doctors can also customize fields of prescription based on their usage pattern . All the prescriptions written in past for a particular patient can be easily referred at any point of time in future.

Search Patient Records

DCMS EMR provides quick search to help find patient records by patient-name, patient-id etc. Doctors can quickly search for a particular patient's health record by using DCMS instant patient search functionality which shows patient matches as you type. Patients can be filtered by patient groups and also by treatment, appointment and payment status .

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